The Delco Years

A graphic novel focused on the Survivors of a Pandemic

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Survival Journey of a Community of Craft Beer Drinkers

…the rebuilding of society after the pandemic

THE DELCO YEARS is the story of how a community of craft beer drinkers flourishes and survives after a dystopian event. Our hunting-and-gathering sills skills would be utilized at Costco, Target, and Home Depot. Eventually, we would barter wine for salt, sugar, flour, and hay to feed the horses.

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Bobby Jones’s mother, Pearl, had two sisters who were married to very famous men.
Her youngest sister Priscilla’s husband was the evangelical minister, Tim LaHaye. His Left Behind series predicts the Second Coming of Christ and sold over 70 million copies.
Her older sister was married to Dr. Robert Graham, the founder of the Genius Sperm Bank. One of the original donors to the Sperm Bank was Charles Lindbergh who, like Dr. Graham, believed in eugenics.

When Bobby was fourteen, he asked his mother “Who’s my father?” She didn’t answer him, but Bobby did notice among the family photographs was a photograph of Charles Lindbergh. After studying Lindbergh’s photo, Bobby decided he had Lindbergh's nose.

After attending Bob Jones University, Bobby traveled to Switzerland, joining the evangelical community L’Abri. He was now hanging out with the son and daughters of the wealthy televangelical ministers. He soon considered them idiots.

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Bobby became further disillusioned when he realized to be a successful televangelist, all you needed was a 501c non-profit corporation, a satellite TV programming on Cornerstone, and a direct mailing campaign asking for donations to receive God’s blessings.
The televangelical ministers were selling vitamin pills, anointed water, blessed cloths, vitamin pills, videos, and DVDs. Bobby saw the light. They were all in it for the money.
Bobby no longer believes in the Second Coming of Christ and decides to destroy the evangelical community. To do so he travels to Russia and buys a new bride and anthrax.
Upon his return to Logan International Airport, Bobby stops at Terminal B Starbucks for coffee While in line he accidentally drops the bottle of anthrax unleashing the virus pandemic. The Russians had accidentally sold him military-grade Anthrax-836. When exposed, the only survivors are those with strong RNA immune systems and people who drink unpasteurized beer.

Survivors at Buffalo Bill’s Brewery in California moved to the now vacant Wente Winery in Livermore. They decided to form a new government based on the Viking Althing way of life. They knew to protect the resources at Costco, Target, Home Depot, and CVS and use wine to barter for other essentials such as salt, sugar, flour, and fresh meat.

The community with cars and truck trucks flourished. They did know a car battery only lasted five years (ergo The Delco Years.) They needed to prepare for “a time without cars” when all commerce will be done with horses and carts.


27760 words
76 web links to verify the truth
194 color and 44 black and white illustrations.

For more information on this dystopian novel contact Bill Owens at - (510) 566-9566 (a.m. please)